Short Stories…. For now

This is a page with links to any shorts I’ve written. Some of these I may expand and play with more later. Some of them feature the same character. But at this time they aren’t in the novel attempts pile. Some of them are an experiment with a character I like but I’m not sure the rest of the world do. If you see something you enjoy let me know. If the character has more to say to me I will gladly look into revisiting their story.

Since I’m going to post the occasional short along with whatever longer work I’m posting weekly I’m separating out links so that you can get to what you are interesting in faster.

These posts are sorted by character should a character resurface and listed from the first posted to the last posted to the blog, not necessarily based on when the occur in the time line of the character.

The girl who cannot die:


Enjoy what you read? Hated it? Tell me about it!

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