There are a few people I would like to thank briefly who gave me the courage, insparation and ability to actually start blogging out this stuff.

First off I would like to thank my Husband. He always proof reads first drafts (which can be ugly) and is honest about telling me when stuff is horrible.

Second, to my favourite Masters Student at UOttawa. She is the first person outside my family who ever read anything of mine (who wasn’t running a writing contest). I value her input greatly and love that she is on my butt to keep writing. She lovingly yells at me when I take to long between writing attempts and she will be reading anything and everything before it gets posted her.

Third, to my dad. He’s been pushing me to write since I was a little girl. And the stuff I’m writing, at least the stuff I’m writting now, is in his favourite genre. Hope you enjoy daddy!

Lastly, for now at least, to Doctor D. The main reason I’m posting this is because he and the UOttawa girl are on my butt to post so that they can read more and because they think the rest of the world will like it to. When enough people tell you to get your butt into gear you have to listen. So here, I’m listening.

World, I hope you like this as much as the other people in my life do.



Enjoy what you read? Hated it? Tell me about it!

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