Cyber carnality -chapter 11- jace

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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Jace was probably the only human to ever entered the Determination room without dread and fear in his heart. He was probably the only one who stood at the front of the room and felt at home. He had been in the room before. His father was a member of the fate committee, and had brought him here on more than one occasion to show him how things worked. After all, Jace was supposed to take over his father’s position when he grew up, but that couldn’t happen now. Jace would not see his father’s face in the crowd today. Family members weren’t allowed to vote on the fate of their children for fear it would bias the vote.

Jace was also one of the few people who knew where each of the halls led and what fate lay at the end of them. Again, something his father was in charge of. Each individual who failed to meet quota was given a class and sent down a hall. That is all the average individual in the Determination room knew. The classes were based on how much of a ‘perceived risk’ the individual was to the society, mainly focusing on if they could be scared into falling back in line.

Class C was low risk, usually kids that had ended up on the street one way or another. Nobodies who could easily be re-integrated without any identity reassignment. They were trained, given jobs and given a year to find a partner before they were re-evaluated. When possible these individuals were brought in and re-integrated long before their twenty-second birthday. A good plan, except these individuals and their children were locked into the unwanted jobs for a minimum of three generations after their re-integration. They were limited to finding a partner within their own class, another type C. Between the lack of upward mobility and the fact that the salaries were barely enough for one person to live off, let alone two and a kid, the C class often failed to meet quota, or their children ended up back on the street, starting at square one all over again.

Class B were mid risk, people who came from the middle or upper classes and had just failed to find ‘the one.’ They had families and the families needed to live under the illusion that their child had been punished. As such they were “re-assigned” to another city, usually on a different continent, on the other side of a former country boarder. Some place where if their family travelled they would simply see a girl who resembled their daughter, not their daughter. So the child didn’t reach out their memories were wiped. They woke up in a ‘rehab’ center and told that they were recovering from some sort of drug abuse. They were put into a ‘halfway home’ punishment for another middle class family whose son or daughter had failed to meet quota. They took over the roll which that son or daughter left behind, and given a year to find a partner.

Class A were the threats, people like Jace. People whose will was too strong to wipe their memories, people who didn’t have a longing to conform inside of them. These people would rise up and create anarchy given the chance. They were disconnected from the link and removed from society, left in the sparse wilderness to fend for themselves. Between the extreme acid rain, lack of shelter and non-existent survival skills it was assumed they perished, but this fate was worth the risk to Jace. Having a chance at a life was better than living a life he didn’t want in a society he didn’t approve of.

There was some fight with Jace over his decision. His father was a powerful man after all, they didn’t want to lose the heir to that role, nor did they want to see someone else fill it. But in the end he was voted a Class C and sent down the hall he wanted to walk down, the only one he wanted to walk down. At the end of the hall he came to a red door. Normally his mother would be on the other side of it to disconnect the link, as was her role. However, that wouldn’t be the case today, her assistant or a doctor brought in from another city would do his.

The operation to remove the link was simple, local anesthetic and a small slit in the back of the neck to disconnect the transponder, the rest of the wiring was left in place as it was worked into the brain, full removal would risk brain damage at the best, death at the worst.

After the room with a red door there was another hallway which led out to the back of the building and a bus of sorts. Each set of seats was made into an individual compartment so you couldn’t see how many others were being shipped off like you. The bus would stop at random intervals along the route. Create the illusion that you were to be abandoned alone. No one saw anyone else get on the bus so they didn’t know how many people were on the start.

There was only one drop off point though. Few were ever classes this extremely. The whole trip was another part of the illusion. Another way for them to convince you that you were making the choice, after all they couldn’t afford to lose a man who was capable of changing. They were trying to re-build the world and to do that they needed a population. A few times the person had begged forgiveness and the bus had turned around, they became a class B risk, fear had gotten the better of them. This wouldn’t be the way Jace’s trip ended though, he was determined to make it to the final stop.

On the last time Jace was in to work with his father a discovery was made. There appeared to be a clan living out near the drop off point. A group of the unwanted had survived. Knowing that survival was possible, or might be at least, was enough to convince Jace to turn against the system. It was a broken system and it couldn’t be fixed from the inside. The best chance at reform was the expose the system for what it was. To do that he needed to be outside of it, away from their ability to manipulate his thoughts, disconnected from the link.

Jace rubbed the spot in his neck where the incision had gone it. It at taken all his effort to keep his thoughts from drifting to his plans after he was classes and sent off. If they had known, or even suspected they might have actually killed


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