Cyber Carnality -Chapter 6- Sophia

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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 Her head was pounding by the time Soph was finally able to make it into the bathroom away from the noises in her head which her ears couldn’t hear. Her mother saw exiting the link as a choice no one in their right mind would make. If Soph could, she would turn it off forever. Unfortunately that wasn’t a choice you got to make, it was a privilege taken away from you if you failed to meet quota. A privilege Soph wished she didn’t have the burden of carrying.

            Splashing some water on her face Soph waiting for the pounding to diminish, if it didn’t she was determined she would leave, even if it meant facing her mother’s wrath.

For all her efforts she hadn’t managed to speak with Jace yet, and she knew that if she left the purave without speaking to the man her parents intended her for that her mother might have her head before the Neopuritans had the chance to take it. Although, Soph supposed she couldn’t truly be blamed if Jace hadn’t bothered to introduce himself. Technically it was Jace who should approach her, never the other way around, at least not at these traditional gatherings.

The throbbing started to subside. And Soph raised her head to look at herself in the mirror. Her mascara has become smeared by the water and most of the blush had come off her cheeks. Her eyes we blood-shot, as they always became when the headaches struck her.

She reached for a tissue and began the slow process of blotting at the make-up, trying the best she could to tame it, finally she gave up and replaced her mask, hoping it would hide most of the damage.

Soph opened the door to the bathroom and hit something. No someone, the lone wolf from earlier in the evening.

Pulling back and said “I’m sorry” aloud, two loudly as in the quite room head instinctively turned, shocked expressions on their face to see who had broken the silence of the evening and why.

Soph’s face turned beet red and ran, leaving before the man in front of her could reply, she exited through the nearest door and ended up at the rear of the house, running through the garden. She stopped after a moment. No one would be out her with her, there was nothing to run from any more. She took a deep breath and tried to stop her racing heart.

Why did I speak aloud? The question raced through her head over and over again.  That just wasn’t done in “polite” society. In this company “reflex” wasn’t an excuse either. This group saw the link as the nature way people communicated. Speaking was seen as a last resource, and never something to be used in public. The sound of a voice was jarring to them.

In the slums where Soph insisted on living talking out loud was less abnormal. Though everyone in the slums still had access to the link they didn’t view the  Neopuritans and their technology as the be all and end all that these people did. The lack of silent communication was more of a rebellion against the upper class. In this company the fact that Soph had replied aloud would mark her as suck city scum. Her parents would kill her when they found out about this. Any chance she had to marry the man of their dreams would have been swashed after this incident.

You’re over reacting. Soph tried to re-assure herself. These things happen. It will be fine. She took another deep breath. The smell of flowers, herbs and freshly cut grass filled her lungs. For a moment she felt refreshed and comforted by the smells. This was quickly replaced by shame. She had left this world behind for a reason. Either everyone should have a right to live like this or no one. The people in the cities deserved better than the air they were breathing.

Still, the fresh air in her lungs and on her skin helped to relax her. Soph decided to give into the comfortable feeling. She would return to the city soon enough and should enjoy the time she had here in whatever way she could. She decided to walk around a little and explore. Maybe if I wait a little longer they will forget about me, she hoped.

For the first time since coming out Soph took a second to look around. She was standing between the edge of an apple grove and lines of tomato plants. Just behind her she could see flowers. She thought she recognized them as roses but should not be sure. It was odd to think that something which was a part of nature was so unnatural in this day and age.

Soph walked towards the roses, if that was even what they were. As she approached their aroma filled the air surrounding her. It was a… sweet smell was the other way Soph could think of describing it. But that wasn’t quite the right word. The smell seemed to play on the gentle breeze. If you were used to it you probably wouldn’t have noticed it was there. It was shockingly mild for a flower. Yet, due to the unfamiliarity of it, the smell seemed pungent to Soph.

When she got close enough she reached out and touched one of the petals. It was softer than silk. Softer than anything she had ever laid hands on before. She went to grab the stem to pick on and suddenly felt a sharp prick in her fingers. She exhaled sharply and cursed under her breath pulling her hand way from the plant. Her index finger had a small hole in the tip of the glove she was wearing which was seeping blood. She tore off the glove to look at the finger itself.

Her skin had a small tear in it.  She lifted her finger to her mouth and sucked on it to sooth the pain while searching her clutch with her free hand for a tissue to place over the cut.

Hello” echoed through her head causing her to freeze. Someone else was out her. They must have heard her. Why on earth couldn’t she learn to keep her mouth shut.

Soph didn’t move a muscle. She didn’t reply. She hoped that whoever was out there would move on. After all who else would be out here, they would thing they were imagining things and just got away.

Soph heard footsteps. Coming from her left. She slowly backed away from the roses and into the tree line of the apple grove. With any luck they wouldn’t see her. They wouldn’t look this way. They would just walk back into the house.

From the shadows of the trees Soph saw a figure pass by where she had just been standing. They looked around as they walked but didn’t appear to see her. Soph held her breath as their eyes past over her. Praying they didn’t stop. Whoever it was kept moving.

A few moments later Soph hear the door to the house open and shut. Only then did she remember to breathe again. Her finger started pounding in pain, reminding her of what she was doing a moment ago. She continued to rifle through her clutch, found what she was looking for. Pressing the tissue around her finger and replacing her glove she headed back to the house. If someone else was out here it must mean they had been looking for her. Why else would they be out here? It wasn’t her home, she should have stayed at the party. Hopefully by now they would have forgotten about her outburst. Hopefully no one would notice the tear in her glove. Hopefully she would make it through tonight without being reported as a free-thinker. 


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