Saturday Night

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Creative Writing, Poetry
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So, I’m normally not one for poetry (writing it that is, I could read the poems of Frost, Blake and the like all day) but being as it’s “poetry month” I thought I would try my hand and this is all I could come up with. Not the most heart melting piece in the world but open honest and somewhat relatable. Enjoy.


I’m twenty-two, the sky is blue and there’s no end in sight,

To the world of bingeing TV shows that is my Saturday night.

My peers they are all out in bars, out looking for Mr. Right,

While my man cooks the food they eat ‘til stars are shining bright.

For me though I’ll be on the couch alone ‘til Sunday’s light,

For my love won’t be home until it’s no longer Saturday night.

Alas this is the life I choose, I’m married to a chef,

So date night falls with Monday wows, my life’s not like the rest.


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