Cyber Carnality -Chapter 5- Jace

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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Jace had slipped back outside into the garden. He prayed that no one had seen him come this way, especially not his mother. She would have his head if she knew that he had left the party. The talk they had at lunch was more of a lecture than a conversation. His mother, seeing his request coming, had told him that it wasn’t an option and that avoiding this would bring nothing but pain to himself and shame to the family. “Besides” his mother has stated, aloud in order to drive home her point “I’ve gone through all the trouble of inviting that Shelly girl, you will not be the end of the agreement we made with her parents. You will do your duty to his family.”

Jace has seen Sophia enter and all but ran at the sight of her. He couldn’t commit to a life he didn’t want and wouldn’t provide the girl with false hope. Who knew what conversation Sophia’s parents had with her before the party.

Among his plants he felt his breathing come easier. He could only imagine what it would have been like to live in a day where nature existed outside of this man-made context. At least, for now all he could do was imagine it.

As he walked along the garden he allowed his handed to brush against the soft leaves and rough vines of the tomato plants, rub the edge of the firm fruit, not yet ripe. He drifted further in an touched the other plants in the garden, almost slicing his finger open on the thorns of a raspberry bush, only to be greeted next by the satin soft petals of the apple blooms on the tree beside. There was something real about the natural world that was lost in the technology of today had lost. There was an unexplained warmth in the garden. An unspoken understanding that if you cared for the plants, the plants would provide for you all you truly needed.

A few of the books he had read grown up said that the wars which had brought the world to its knees were fought by technology for nature. But none of the information available in the link. In fact, the limited information that was there on the wars suggested that it was the technology of the link itself that was fought over. Suggesting that one country had been keeping this development from the rest of the world, leaving those without access to it far behind and warring amongst themselves until they decided to fight for the link and bring it to all, equalizing all the people, all the nations, bring about world peace for the first time in history. The truth probably lay somewhere in the middle, or maybe was none of the above. Histories we altered as was seen fit by the leading Neopuritans.

Other information was also in constant flux within the network. As long as the majority of the population could be persuaded to state the same thing the reference material would change to reflect the socially acceptable reality.

The perception of the masses was constantly manipulated by the reports and media updates put out by the Neopuritans, considered a reliable source to the people. They would suggest that the world was at peace and all people we equal, the masses believed and so this is what the records reflect. Somehow people were able to ignore the huge differences between the living standards in the slums and on the estates, which would be visible to the naked eye if only the people ever bothered to look around them.

The only thing in the world that didn’t lie was nature. A tomato was skill a tomato, even if the masses could be convinced it was called an apple, in the end, it would still have the look taste and feel of a tomato. They couldn’t change that, just the world’s perception of it.

A branch snapped, jerking Jace out of his thoughts and into the present moment. “Hello?” he thought, but no answer came. Jace started to make his way back to the house. If she wasn’t already his mother would be looking for him soon.


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