Cyber Carnality -Chapter 4- Sophia

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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The night came more quickly than most, the day flying by in a blur of dog walks, errands and worry. Soph soon found herself back at home putting the final touches on her hair and make-up and waiting for her parent’s driver to arrive to take her to the purave. The dress looked even more alive in the night, with the light striking one area or another, lighting up a section of stars, making it look as though she was draped in a living object rather than mere silk. She started to second guess her dress decision and wished she had tried the others on.


Her hair was pulled back from her face and flowed down her back like a waterfall, laced together to complement the lacing on the back of the dress, courtesy of her mother’s hair dresser. The Makeup Soph has done herself, insisting on keeping it to some mascara and eye shadow, as simple as was possible given the nature of her outfit, though makeup was less than necessary considering the mask covered most of Soph’s face, only adding to the mystery which the dress created. The shoes were sitting by the door along with the gloves, both of which Soph was hoping Silver would mistake for chew toys so that she would have an excuse not to go.


I have arrived Miss. Shelly.” The driver’s voice drifted in.


I’ll be down in a moment” Soph replied as she headed to the door of her apartment, slipped on her shoes, grabbed her gloves and told a disappointed Silver to go sit so she could make it out the door.


Heading down the hall to the elevator she tried to think of a reason not to go. Not to suffer through another night of pointless conversations on pod sessions only to disappoint her mother once again. She didn’t want to deal with another conversation with her mom about how she would rather deal with the unknown consequences than settle for a life she didn’t want. She wanted more than to be a mother. She wanted to see what was left of the broken world they lived in.


Unfortunately Soph arrived at the car without a reason not to step in and was driven in utter silence to the Archer’s Property. Much like her parents property the Archer’s was a large estate, out in what used to be the countryside. These days it was just an extension of the city, the houses were father apart as the properties were larger, but each estate had several houses on it, for the extended family to live in. If her mother had her way Soph would have been living on her parent’s estate rather than in her apartment in the city. This picture-perfect life was not what Soph wanted though; she didn’t fit into this pristine untouched illusion.


The world was more concrete jungle than not these days. Though most of that jungle was vacant since the farms had been paved over, war and pollution had wiped out those who were already weak from starvation. The Neopuritans were now trying to re-build the world which humanity had torn apart. Part of that re-build was ensuring the populations stayed at a maintainable level, not dropping so low that the work force could no longer rebuild the broken world, not high enough that starvation war and pollution destroy us all again.


These estates were part of the re-build. The world was pretending that there was still nature somewhere. The air quality out here was better than in the cities, the properties were gifted to families who had done their part in the re-build as deemed by the Neopuritans. Those who hadn’t yet done their part lived in buildings like Soph’s in the cities, run down and in ruins. Unlike Soph’s the outside appearance was often better than the inside. If it wasn’t for her parents money and standing she would be much worse off.


Still she hadn’t earned the estate and she hated the idea that the majority of the population was forced to live in slums. Her only form of protest that wouldn’t hurt her family was to choose to live in the city to be closer to work.


When she had first moved in the unit was a little more than a hole in the wall with rusted out pipes, termites in the walls, faulty wiring and the only furniture was moth-eaten and at least 200 years old. Her parents had renovated the apartment without her knowledge or permission. They had also purchased her the adjoining unit so she had some space. They couldn’t understand why she would want something like this, couldn’t understand why she insisted on living like the rest when she was of privileged, not part of the Neopuritains. But if she married right she could be.


By the looks of the estate and the nature of the dress she was wearing she had a feeling marrying into the Neopuritains was exactly what her parents had in mind.


From the main gates to the main house had been close to a 15 minute drive. The house itself was more of a castle than a home or even a mansion.  As she got out of the car and approached the main doors they opened of their own accord. A female voice uttered “Welcome miss. Shelly” the Archers must have programmed the identities of their guest into the homes security system. Things out here where much more advanced than in the ruins.


She was thankful that the mask covered the majority of her face, hiding the disdain in her eyes as she surveyed the room. The rest of the crowd where in attire much more lavished than hers. Suddenly Soph felt dangerously under-dressed


She saw the other masked faces look up and scan her face before dismissing her. The point of the masquerade was to know the person not their features. But that didn’t stop the crowd from judging you based on your attire. Apparently her dress was seen as too plain or too covering. Then a spotlight flicker over Soph brought her dress to life. The illusion of the stars shot across it and a glow came off it catching a few eyes. Suddenly her welcome warmed. Damn my mother, Soph thought as the first strange voice drifted into her consciousness catching her off guard as it always did.


How are you this evening, Miss….?” the voice was deep and smooth.


Shelly, and you are?” one of Soph’s biggest pet peeves was the way everyone used the link even when they were standing right next to each other. But it was expected. In the clubs it made more sense. The link actually allowed you to hear each other over the pounding music. But here, with nothing but a quartet playing something classical in the back ground, one’s voice could just as easily be used. She wondered sometimes if anyone actually remembered how to speak aloud.


Daniel Chambers, charmed I’m sure” The last had a hint of sarcasm to it… or arrogance; she could never tell which in crowds like these. Half of them would have been raised with a silver spoon in their mouth and never so much as seen the ruins in pictures. Others would be of a slightly lower class attempted to partner with someone higher up, these sometimes mocked the old fashion rituals imposed by these puraves. It would be too much to hope that like her they had actually held any amount of true disdain for the way in which society had reverted.


It’s been a pleasure to meet you Daniel, would you excuse me for a moment?” If his tone hadn’t been sarcastic Soph’s certainly was. She scurried off into the crowd hoping that whoever this voice was drifting from would assume she had headed off to join a friend of use the powder room and give her a moment or two of peace.


The room was buzzing yet silent at the same time. Everyone had connected into a public link when entering the room so you could hear snippets of other people’s conversations was you drifted by. One group or another, it was meant to mimic the way in which the conversation in a party would actually sound and force intimacy, if you didn’t want your conversation overheard you needed to be out of the personal sphere of the other guests. Yet despite the buzzing in her head the only sound which came in by her ears was the shuffling of feet and fabric and the music playing softly in the back ground. It was eerie. A sensation which she had never fully gotten used to and part of why she hated events like these.


While in the area of the public link the only people able to connect with you were those in the room, so at least Soph could take some solace in the fact that her mother wouldn’t be able to barge in and question her until the night was at an end. But the constant clamber in a quiet room was unnerving.


As she approached the refreshments table she noticed one of the other guests watching her. Grabbing a cup of punch she noticed another guest watching her. He was wearing a simple mask black tux and standing apart from the rest of the crowd. She wondered for an instant why he too was standing alone. No sooner did the thought cross her mind than did he realize she was looking and disappear into the crowd.


And you are?” popped into Soph’s head. She turned to face the man now talking to her and forgot about the lone wolf.



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