Cyber Carnality -Chapter 3- Jace

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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Out in the garden was one of the few places that Jace had ever felt safe. There was something about being around what his parents referred to as ‘nature’ that made him feel at peace. This was not the nature he wanted to be around. He longed for the forest and jungles that no longer existed in anything but the history books. Something that the Neopuritans were allegedly trying to rebuild. Something that Jace knew, unfortunately, was not true.

His father was a member of the Environmental Development Agency, a role he was granted for being a descended from one of the original founders of the Neopuritan party. The Neopuritans pretended to be a democracy but the reality was that it worked much more like a monarchy: the people had too much “respect” for the founding families to ever run against them our vote them out and the elections were more for moral and show than any actual say. Due to his father’s role Jace knew more about the real plans that had been made for this world than he wanted to. They were plans that he couldn’t agree with. His father’s shoes were not ones he was about to fill.

Jace picked a couple of ripe tomatoes off of the vine to use for lunch, and headed back inside. His mother told him that she wanted to chat over lunch this morning. He had a feeling this had to do with his lack of finding a suitable mate, another role which he was expected to fill which he had no desire to. After all if he were to marry he would have a family to provide for. He would not be able to avoid taking on the role his father had waiting for him. There would be no rocking the boat after that. No ability to make change. Not that he had much of a chance of making change anyways, but at least without a family his life would be the only on effected by his trying.

Opening the door to the kitchen Jace was greeted by the rush of the help getting ready for the purave that his parents were hosting tonight, the purave at which they fully intended to have him marry the woman of their dreams. He made his way to the far end by the only stove that wasn’t in use and grabbed everything he needed to start the heirloom tomato tarts he was making in the attempt to lessen his mother’s wrath.

Dicing the tomatoes and onions he thought about the plan of attack for the conversation with his mother. He didn’t want to get her hopes up for tonight but he wasn’t about to marry any of the girls his mother was inviting. But telling her that would break her. Unlike most of the population his family knew what the punishments were. What his mom didn’t realize was that the punishment was exactly what he needed to make changes in this world. 

  1. Agnes says:

    Intriguing! I want to read more!


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