Cyber Carnality -Chapter 2- Sophia

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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WAKE UP! The thought screamed through Soph’s body lunging her into motion at 7am sharp. There was no sleeping through her internal clock. No need for a snooze button. There was no even thinking about going back to sleep. Soph rolled out of bed; Silver shook off and followed her out into the living area.

There was Sun flooding into the floor and ceiling windows, lighting her little piece of heaven amongst the hell. Her unit used to be two adjoining loft style suites. The half of the unit she was currently in acted as the master bedroom and office space.  It was as an L with the bed in one corner and the work space at the other. Anchored into every bare wall were floor to ceiling display cases which housed one of Soph’s only passions, her book collection. With media and your socially life being integrated into one’s brain there was “no need” for out-of-body media forms. However, it seemed everyone collected old media of one kind of another. Soph’s mother had a room filled with DVDs and a television on which she could watch all her old movies. Soph’s neighbour took great delight in blasting music on his CD player. Soph loved nothing more than to wrap herself in a blanket on her window seat and read. There was something about the musty smell of a good book that was simple more comforting than the words of the novel cycling through your brain, something enduring and powerful about the look of ink on paper. If she could have she would have curled up right then and picked up where she left off in one of her many collections of poetry. Silver seemed to have the same idea in mind – she was already curled up at the foot of the window seat napping in the warm sunlight. But alas, she needed to get ready for her day. She had errands to run and at some point she needed to link to her mother and discover the plan for tonight’s date.

With a sigh Soph headed to the bathroom; the tile floor was cool on her feet. Walking over to the sink she examined her face in the mirror. How she wished she had taken the time to clean her make-up off last night- it was smeared across her face, raccoon eyes and all. Her hair was a knotted mess and the bobby pins left in from the night before were going to be hell to pull out.

Link, Soph though as she pulled out the first pin, she figured if her morning was going to have an unpleasant start her mother’s instructions for tonight might as well be a part of it.

How’d you sleep?” Soph was utterly unsurprised when her mother’s voice chirped through her head almost instantaneously. If anything she was surprised by the fact that her mom hadn’t kicked down her door when she hadn’t linked by 7:01.

Fine, mom, and you?

Wonderfully darling! It’s so lovely out today, your father and I are in the sun room with our coffees. It’s wonderful!” Overly chipper, even for her mom. This undoubtedly meant that they were happy with the plans for the evening.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your morning mom.” Soph replied as she yanked another bobby pin from her hair. Shaking her head back and forth to ensure that pin was the last one Soph headed to the shower which was tucked into the left-most corner of the sizable washroom. The golden-beige tiles which covered the floor continued over the lip of the shower entrance and up the walls of the shower to the ceiling. Mounted in the ceiling was a rainfall shower head. Soph reached in and turned the knob and pulled the curtain closed, allowing the water to warm up while she undressed. “So what’s the game plan for tonight mom?

Your father and I have arranged for you to be a part of a purave tonight with the MacArthur, Jansen, Sweeney, Liebrant, Archer, Blake, Luther and Smith families. A nice mix, all around your age, you and the other girls will have a lovely selection to choose from. The Archers, your Father and I are really hoping that you hit things off with their son, Jace.

Here they go again was all Soph could think as she finished peeling off her sweat drenched clothes and stepped into the shower, the hot water working wonders on her skin, but instead she reply to her mom “Oh? Why’s that?

One gentle prompt was all it took to launch her mom into a long-winded and clearly rehearsed list of all the Archer family, and Jace, had to offer. To Soph’s surprise even her Father’s voice joined in at times to add a detail her mom had missed. Mom must have included him in her link concerning this to make sure she wasn’t missing anything.

The warm water felt amazing on her skin and was a pleasant distraction from Soph’s parents nagging about how she needs to behave herself and about all of Jace’s interests that she should study up on. There was something about an interest in astronomy. A good job in the office of one of the Neopuritans and so on. Nothing with particularly peaked Sophia’s interest. Even if there was something of interest Soph refused to get her hopes up again until after she actually went into the pods. She needed to know what type of person he truly was. Something that couldn’t be found out without see his subconscious sexual desires.

Sounds Great mom” she chirped when there was a pause.

I’m sure you will love him Soph

Frankly, if you don’t you might not be given a choice” Her father added. Great just what she needed. Her father willing to make her life decisions for her.

Father, I will make my own decisions. Mom promised that you would let me decide my own fate, not take matters into your own hands. Tell him mom

Yes dear, I did tell her that. Her decisions are her own and she will deal with the consequences no matter how had it may be for us to watch her go through those consequences.

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around herself Soph braced herself for her father’s retort but it didn’t claim. She moved to the sink and took another look at her face in the mirror. The make-up was mostly gone, although now the bags under her eyes were clearly visible. She reached for a face clothed and wiped away all that remained with a “Anything else I need to know” directed back to both of her parents.

Nothing dear, just wear something nice; maybe go out and get something new or I could send a few outfits over for you to try on, you could send what you don’t like back.” Her mother replied.

Whatever you see fit mom” with that thought the buzzer for the unit rung, an alert in a different corner of her brain letting her know someone wanted to gain access. Apparently her mother had already taken the liberty of having said items sent over.

Let me know if you like them dear. I shall check in later” And with that she felt the connection to her mom severed for the moment.

The buzzer to her unit rung again. “Who is it?

Delivery for a Miss. Sophia Shelly

Come on up” Soph removed her towel and threw on a dress robe and headed through the door in the far corner of the door through her living area and kitchen to the main doors of the unit. Opening the front door she was greeted by an all-to-chipper courier who placed the items on the kitchen island and took their leave. With the way they bounced out the door Soph could tell her mom must have left them with one hell of a tip in case she had been less than receptive.

Soph went over to the island and began to peer through all of the bags and boxes. Mom had shipped over 4 dresses for her to choose from each had shoes and accessories to match. Damn, mom must really want things to work out with this Archer kid. Soph thought as she looked at the plunging neck lines and caught sight of a couple of the price tags. All of them were more than a little too extravagant for someone who spent most of their time in jeans and a t-shirt. Unfortunately when one attends a purave there is no choice but to put on something a little more than extravagant.

Soph took the bags holding the two most tolerable options and headed into her bedroom to try them on. Silver greeted her at the bedroom door and sniffed curiously at the bags. Soph could all but hear her mother’s voice nagging her about not getting dog hair on her clothes. How it made her look undesirable. Soph shooed Silver aside and put the bags on the bed. Pulling out one of the dresses and throwing it over the door of the bathroom she slipped out of her robe, letting it fall to the floor. With a sigh Soph then grabbed the dress and stepped into it.

It was a silk, black navy and silver treads woven in together in such a way that it gave the illusion of the stars twinkling in the deep night sky. It was strapless with a sweetheart neck line and lack up back. It seems to imply an air of mystery, something about the way the colours were spun together created an illusion that the sky was moving, as though the moon would rise across the dress any minute now.

Soph looked in the bag the dress had come out of in it were black gloves with sliver edging, a navy blue and black feathered mask and silver shoes. Much more lavish than she would have purchased for herself, but she knew her mom and had a feeling this might be her best option.

Soph grabbed the second bag and reached inside, pulling out a bright red number with an open back and even lower cut neck line than the one she was currently wearing. The last bag had a white dress that was more lavish than most of the ones women actually wore on their wedding days. Apparently her options were woman of mystery, devil slut or bridal. Given the options, woman of mystery won.

Soph had no desire to marry, nor was she about to give the men the impression that they could use her for whatever they wanted, both inside and outside of the pods. If she was going to be forced to attend this mascaraed she was at least going to be somewhat comfortable doing it… or at very least not look as though she was willing to settle for anything just to make quota; even if that was the impression that her mother would have her give off at any cost.

Wrapping up the other dresses, she vibed the courier and let them know there would be a couple bags to pick up and return outside of her apartment when they had the chance. She also took off the dress she was wearing, hung it back over the bathroom door and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  She called for Silver as she approached the door to put out the bag. Grabbing the dog leash, she headed out for a walk. Silver needed to go out and Soph needed the time to think. Figure out how she was going to handle tonight. Unfortunately being the girl her mother wanted her to be just wasn’t going to happen.

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