Cyber Carnality -Chapter 1- Sophia

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Creative Writing, Novel, Science Fiction
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Laying beside him I closed my eyes. I opened them to discover that he had undressed me. Nervously I look over to him. I watched him open his eyes, eyes that scanned over my naked body. I resist the urge to cover back up and hide my head under the blankets. The first time is always the most nerve-wracking with any new partner. The idea that at any moment, the other could become disappointed in what they saw and opt out, disappear with no reason or explanation. This is the make or break moment for any relationship. Sometimes hiding was easier than disappointing the other, or being disappointed yourself.

            Slowly liking what he sees, he pulls me in and gingerly kisses me. First on the lips, a slow gentle peck that taste faintly of the beer he had just consumed, than trailing up and down my neck. For some reason I feel a great distance between my body and his. Perhaps my nerves are ruining the experience, my body deciding that should it come to it flight is the best option. The feeling of his lips on my body isn’t as intense as it usually was, not a good sign. Taking a deep breath I try to put the distance out of my mind.

            I wrap my arms around him and kissing him, slowly moving my hands down his body reaching towards his member. But he grabs my hands and ties them to the bed post with ropes that seem to appear out of nowhere. With that I decide this isn’t the man for me.

With nothing more than that thought Sophia opened her eyes and debated the options on the screen of her pod. To let… what was his name again… Ben?… down gently or to let him have his fun and discover later that this was too much for her. That somewhere along the line his subconscious sexual desires were too extreme for her. She opted for the later programing her avatar to allow Ben, or whatever his name was, to enjoy this moment while it lasted. So much for her first, first date in months.

Breathing a heavy sigh Sophia pushed open the door to the pod and stepped out into the music of the club. The smells of booze, vomit and body odour hit her hard. The smells where only the tip of the iceberg worth of reason she hated these places. The ear piecing music was another.

Around her singles were eying each other across the bar, people who thought they might have a little chemistry, or simply had consumed enough to be willing to dive in, to head into pods to “test the waters” so to speak. After all, for the handful of times in your life you would actually do the deed, sexual compatibility is key in order to ensure children come out of it. What other gain could possibly be created by having sex? The fact that society has not yet come past the carnal necessity is considered to be utterly disgusting by most. A necessity that was almost overcome by their ancestors, or so it was rumoured, with the idea of a “test tube” baby. Unfortunately in later years it was discovered that embryos created outside the womb where subject the higher levels of natural radiation in development increasing rates of cancer and decreasing the average life span. Unfortunately there were some things that the miracles of modern science can’t cure.

Soph, why are you back online so soon” Her mother’s voice drifted through her head the second she left the walls of the club. Damn, not even enough time to unlink.

Directing her thoughts to her mom Soph silently replied “Another dud mom, sicko was into the kinky stuff. You know that’s not for me.” While replying Soph makes her way carefully doing the street, jumping over a puddle of vomit, at least this one made it outside the club, and dodging the people and cars that whizzed by her. Right this second she wanted nothing more than to be home. Soph hated the process of dating and the pressures that came with it.

All men are my dear” her mom’s voice drifted back to her. “If you’re lucky their carnal desires won’t match up with their practices in the real world. But even if they do, you only have to put up with the reality once or twice to have your children, after that your avatar can deal with any desires.” Before Soph could reply she was jerked out of the conversation as she dodged a teen on a hover board who had nearly ran her down. Of course the boy was blaming her for getting in his way and cursing as he whizzed by. Taking a deep breath and reminding herself she only had to more blocks of dodging people on the overcrowded sidewalk to go Soph returned passively to her conversation with her mom.

Mom, I know you’re worried about the results of me not making quota, but you need to understand that I would rather deal with that then settle for someone who’s below me.” Soph paused briefly waiting for her mom to jump in over her about how she wouldn’t see her Baby Girl sent to the camps but for once her mother held her tongue. “Even if I could put up with the reality of his sexual desires I couldn’t stand his presents for long enough to rear our young. You know partner abandonment is treated even more harshly than missing quota.

Sophia!” There it was… the inevitable mental shriek which came up any time the options concerning punishment were made. Later than usual, perhaps mom had been distracted earlier. “I wish you wouldn’t think like that!” Soph hated it when mom got angry at her via the link. Strong and conflicting emotions caused headaches.

Mom, I’ll be fine, relax.” Soph replied as she came to the corner of King and Younge. Soph just had to make it across the street and she would be in the safety of her apartment.”I’m all most home. I’m going to unlink and get some sleep

I love you Sophia. I’ll have another date set up for you by morning. Try not to be so judgmental this time

Night mom.” Before any other messages could come through Soph brought the word “Block” to mind and enjoyed the peace that came with knowing no one else should step into her brain.

Sophia arrived at the entry way of her apartment, fumbling for her ID chip. Just goes to show where societies priorities lie when one has to make the same effort to disconnect from the world that one puts into enter their apartment. Solitude is not accepted in today’s world. Pressing the chip to the rusty door pad Soph was thankful when she heard the click and was able to pull open the door.  Soph proceeded down a set of steps into the main lobby. She was greeted by the familiar musty, smell of a building that had fallen to the way side. The marble floors were chipped and in desperate need of a waxing. The chandeliers were coated in a century’s worth of dust and cob webs and shook whenever the subway came by. Faded photos and paintings hung from the walls, leftovers from the building’s glory days when it had been a popular hotel for the up-and-coming with a bar in the lobby – one of the “places to be” in the city. These days the bar had been renovated into a games room and communal kitchen which one didn’t use if one valued their life. It had a separate entrance from the main street that did not seal well and was a popular location for drug riddled squatters.

Hurrying towards the Soph reached out and pressed the call button. The button lit up and the sound of the gears grinding while the elevator made its way to the lobby filled the room. Finally it arrived, Sophia entered. Pressing the button for the 8th floor, the doors screeched close and Soph let her mind drift and fill with thoughts of the amount of time she had left to meet quota.

At 22 she was expected to find a mate. She had a job and was done school, so she couldn’t use any of the “forwarding society in other ways” loop holes that were worked into the law. Being a female, not much would get her out of it anyways. Not having a job is only helpful to delaying it if you are male and the women have to stay at home to rear the children until they are school age. Sometimes saying you’re still in studies as a female doesn’t cut it either. After all, most courses can be programmed into The Link and taken from home anyways. Baby can’t sleep? Great time to study some algebra.

Work camps weren’t the top of my list of places to be. No one quite knew what the work consisted of so people’s imaginations went wild. When you went to the work camps your link was disconnected. Part of the punishment, a permanent serving of all worldly connections. For some this alone was enough to ensure quota was met or exceeded. For the others, the rumours that flew about what the camps consisted of was enough. Everything from rebuilding the world’s wonders “true to the era in which they were originally constructed.” So if you’re put to work on the pyramids its logs, ropes and man power for the remainder of your days; To man-servant to the Neopuritans. Yet others imagined that the work camps didn’t involve work at all, that it was simply life imprisonment in a 2 by 4 cell, in the dark, never to be seen or heard from again.

Sophia’s shuddered at the thought as the elevator shuttered to a stop. The doors creaked open and Soph stepped out. She turned left and made her way down the dimly light hall way, the light flicking seemingly to the beat of her steps. When she made it to room 401 she pressed her id card to the reader, waited for the sharp click and opened the door. Soph was greeted by her puppy Silver, a Siberian husky who was half her company, half her protection. She pat Silver on the head and, leaving the lights in her apartment off, she kicked off her shoes and stumped to the bed. She flopped down and was sounds asleep before her head hit the pillow.



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